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To celebrate the first week of summer!

Tuesday 02, 2014



To celebrate the first week of summer, we have the top three tips you need to look sensational this holiday season. Summer holidays are always our favourite, Pina coladas, glittering caftans, rock star sunglasses and seafood! We all may not look like Victoria’s Secrets models frolicking on the beach, but we can do our best to make sure our skin looks as beautiful as possible in just three simple steps!


d3bc52f888d03ef22ca17c9200979183Step one:
The very best body exfoliate to get rid of that unwanted lumps and bumps is Derma Doctor KP Duty Body Scrub with a microdermabrasion peel. This cult classic works both physically and chemically to help your skin look and feel silky smooth.

Step two:
Two words, SHRINKING AND BEAUTY. Back up your exfoliant with Derma Doctor Shrinking Beauty Body Beautiful lotion! This magic formula includes exotic botanicals to help us all have confidence in the curves mother nature meant for us to flaunt! Think defining and sculpting!

FullSizeRender_2Step three:
Mermaid Body Oil. This is for every gal who kinda wants to be a fabulous mermaid. This gorgeous scented body oil is all natural and smells divine with orange blossoms and coconut notes.  Even if you are not sipping cocktails by the beach, this will make you wish you were!

Hope you have a smoking hot summer Lulu beauties.

Love Lulu


Summer Skin Preparation

Tuesday 11, 2014

summer, skin, beauty, makeup, lulu and lipstickWith less than a month until the official start of summer, now’s the time to rev up your summer beauty regime. Products that kept your skin feeling moist and comfortable during winter may actually leave it oily and shinny once the heat and humidity hits. So ladies it’s time to prepare your skin for summer!

Breathable products are a must in the warmer months. For a natural looking coverage, we love Dermadoctor Defining BB Cream . It is self adjusting and enhances your own unique skin tone, giving a healthy natural glow – a perfect look when sipping champagne on a warm balmy night.


summer, beauty, makeup, lulu and lipstickNow there’s a fine line between fresh dewy skin and a hot summer day sheen. To avoid the shine, go for a lighter moisturiser. Ayurda Dew Drop Moisturiser helps retain the skins moisture and provides an excellent cooling effect. It also keeps the skin fresh and glowing, reduces wrinkles and is an excellent skin food (without the calories!).


A lighter cleanser also helps keep skin fresh and light and we absolutely love the delicious Ayurda Cucumber & Basil Cleansing Milk because it has a wonderful cooling agent which softens and smooths the skin.

skin care, beauty, summer, makeup, lulu and lipstickSloth off the winter months to reveal bright, glowing skin! Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin to prevent congestion and prepares the skin for hydration from toners and moisturizers. Simplicite One Step Exfoliating Cleanser is an effective exfoliator and it helps correct sun damage for firmer, smoother skin and is equally beneficial for breakout skin.


As it gets warmer, increase you hydration regimen with intensive masks. Use them one to two times a week for best results. Beetox Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Facemask provides deeper penetration, improves micro-circulation in the renewal of damaged skin cells creating a lifting, tightening and firming effect.

toner, summer, skin, beauty, makeup, lulu and lipstickTo complete your summer skin preparation, use a balanced toner which helps prep the skin before you moisturize to even out skin porosity. Aveda Replenishing Toner is a milky lotion-like toner containing aloe and Ceramide 3 which leaves a thin veil of moisture on the skin while it minimises appearance of pores.


Enjoy the warm ray’s ladies!

Love Lulu


Get Race-Ready: Your 7 step Beauty Form Guide

Thursday 30, 2014

spring racing, beauty, glamour, lulu and lipstick, hates, makeupMelbourne Cup is here again! To keep you looking picture perfect trackside here is our 7 Step Beauty Form Guide.

Step 1: Skin Radiance

For a beautiful glow try Dermadoctor Microdermabrasion + Multiacid Chemical Peel. This US celebrity cult brand Dermadoctor provides the latest solutions to anti-aging and conditions that plague us all. This exfoliating facial is a high performance chemical peel and microdermabrasion session.  Try it this weekend for a perfect glow on race day!


mermaid perfume, beauty, lulu and lipstick

Step 2: Big Beautiful Hair

Mermaid Perfume is the new “IT” beauty product with US Vogue calling Mermaid Perfume products one of the world’s top 9 best beauty products flying under the radar!

Mermaid Perfume Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for luscious race day hair!



Dermadoctor, body, anti-aging, lulu and lipstick

Step 3: Amazing Body  

For a last minute body makeover try Dermadoctor Shrinking Beauty Body Beautiful Lotion.

Camila Alves credits Dermadoctor products for her flawless skin at the Oscars!



OCC, nail polish, beauty, lulu and lipstickStep 4: Power Polish

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer from NYC comes in amazing power colours to make a statement.

They are quick-drying and super long-lasting to get you racing ready in a flash!



Kim K, glamour, lulu and lipstick, red lips, lipstickStep 5: Movie Star Lashes

Look like a celb at the races this year with the most luxurious of all false lashes, Velour Lashes – You Complete Me.

Worn by some of the most fashionable celebs including Beyoncé, JLo and Rosie Huntington Whiteley!




lipstick, Pink Holiday, beauty, makeup, lulu and lipstickStep 6: The Perfect Pout

For an all day wear try  Pink Holiday Lipstick in Capri Flowers.

NYC Pink Holiday Lipsticks are colour saturated and moisturising and that will stay on while you sip away on a glass of bubbles!


makeup bag, beauty, lulu and lipstickStep 7: Don’t Forget Your Makeup Bag!

It’s going to be a long so day so don’t forget your makeup bag! This compact makeup bag from Lulu and Lipstick will do the trick!

Enjoy Lulu ladies!!

Love Lulu xx


What you need to know about skin in your 30’s

Thursday 16, 2014

ifisher_gl_13jan13_pa_b_592x888While it may seem like only yesterday we were care free twenty something’s, fiercely confident, spending more money on shoes and cocktails than anything else, dating up a storm and buying our  skincare perhaps from the chemist, or supermarket, probably because we were going away for a girls weekend to somewhere fabulous and had better things to spend our money on.

The reality is those days are behind some of us and in your 30’s it all gets a bit more serious, although maybe you are still dating up a storm and having amazing cocktails! Regardless, suddenly those fine lines are appearing, maybe from too much champagne over the last decade, but hey you had fun, or maybe just because we are in our 30’s and the quest for glowing, hydrated youthful looking skin is upon us all.

So you’ve hit your 30’s and its time to step things up.  Perhaps these days you find yourself having to moisturise where you haven’t had to moisturise before (we’re talking décolletage, backs of your hands, thighs and don’t forget forearms). If you are anything like the team at Lulu HQ, we have become obsessed with serums and masks, they are our go to products to fix all things and eye creams by now should be your best friend!

We took a survey of women in their 30s to see what was important to them in a beauty product. The results were not surprising. They want products to treat fine lines, even skin tone, lighten dark spots and have a fresh overall glow – we all want the same things!

At Lulu HQ we have done all the leg work for you to come up with a comprehensive list of must have products that will give you the results you want and deserve.

First, it’s time for an amazing eye cream: In your 20s, any moisturiser would do the trick
revengeas well as doubling up as an eye cream. What we may not have realised back then was the sensitive skin around the eyes begins to thin as we move towards our late 20’s and into our 30’s. An eye cream needs to contain a balance of concentrations including moisturising oils, antioxidants and peptides to signal to the cells to start building collagen. We recommend Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge as it has Peptides, Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and caffeine to treat fine lines and keep the eye area super hydrated. We all want revenge on our wrinkles and this is just the product to do that for us! If you want a natural product we also recommend Ayurda’s Sparkle Eye Cream – our Chief Lulu been using it for years and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to sparkle?

Lulu Tip: Don’t forge the basics and drink at least 2 litres of water each day and get 8 hours sleep every night which aids in maximising cell regeneration. The result will be fewer fine lines and more plump skin around the eye area.

Exfoliate: Like it or not, this has to be done at least twice a week. Try Simplicite’s One Step Resurfacing mask, tata harper, naturalExfoliating Cleanser which will sloth away dead skin cells and regenerate new cells as well as correct sun damage for firmer, smoother skin. And ladies, isn’t that all we want, firmer, softer skin? For a more intense exfoliation without going into the salon, you must try Derma Doctors Physical Chemistry Microdermabrasion, this high performance chemical peel and mircodermabrasion session is synthesized into a single, easy-to-use facial rejuvenating treatment. Or if it is natural you are after, try Tata Harpers resurfacing mask. This award-winning beta-hydroxy treatment works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin  -without causing downtime or irritation.

Cleanse: Cleanse twice daily with a product that is gentle on your skin, you don’t want that cleansersqueaky clean skin that has sucked every ounce of moisture out. Go for a gentle cleanser that promotes elasticity back into the skin such as the Ayurda Australia Hingot Cleanser. Its gentle on the skin with anti-aging properties. Another amazing all natural and organic option is Tata Harper’s  Regenerating Cleanser. This gentle exfoliating cleansing treatment acts as a 4in1 product to cleanse, improve glow, minimizing the appearance of pores and helping to protect the skin’s natural hydration balance.

Night cream: You all know that your skin restores itself during the night, so help this

night creamprocess along by using a great night cream that puts moisture back into your skin and aids in repair. We recommend Simplicite Revitalising Night Cream because it contains all the natural ingredients that your skin needs to repair its self during the night….plus it smells divine! A personal favourite of ours is also Ayurda’s Nourishing cream, it is thick and luxurious and as the name suggests nourishes your skin overnight.

Lulu Tip: Massage the moisturiser into your face for several minutes. This relaxes facial muscles and improves circulation, which ensures more nutrients are delivered from the blood to the face to help cell renewal and repair.

Day cream: Use an anti-ageing moisturiser during the day that includes an SPF. A great day
cream is Clinique’s Repairwear Lift Firming Day Cream with SPF 15+. It’s lightweight formula it sits well under your makeup without that greasy look.

Serums: And on the seventh day God created serums….. Serums that contains hyaluronic beetoxacid give the most benefit as it softens fine lines and deep wrinkles as well as increasing your skin’s collagen production. To get visible results try Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum. Not only does it contain hyaluronic acid but antioxidans and vitamins which are essential in supporting elasticity and reducing lines. We are also completely obsessed with UK Skin sensation, Beetox’s serum. Hailed as the natural alternative to Botox, we can’t get enough.


SPF: Use it everyday no matter what, even if you’re just sitting in your car, or work inside you are still exposing your skin to harmful rays. Clarins has a great Sun Wrinkle Control Cream which is a SPF30+ but still light weight. The best thing about this product is that is has a high degree of UVA and UVB protection, creating a barrier that defends the skin from wrinkles and sun-inducing spots.

And finally masks: Masks are amazing for giving you that quick boost your skin needs! To beecombat fine lines, restore cells and for firmer skin you need to use a mask on a weekly basis.  We recommend Beetox Manuka Honey & Bee Venom facemask. Not only does it contain unique polypeptides and enzymes that provide micro-circulation in the renewal of damaged skin but also stimulates the facial muscles which creates a lifting, tightening and firming effect.

Lulu Tip: Our Lulu chief recommends sleeping in it for maximum results!

We hope this has help put you on the right track to beautiful healthy skin in your 30’s.

Love Lulu


Spring beauty trends you must try now!

Monday 13, 2014

camila-alves-zoomSpring is here Lulu Lovers, so it’s time to refresh your look with bold brows, bright lips and fresh dewy skin.

The Brow has made a big come back this year, with full brows having a major impact on your overall look. Lulu tip, It’s about emphasizing your natural shape and don’t apply to heavy handed. Our favourite brow brand is without a doubt, celebrity cult brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. We carry brow tools for blondes, brunettes, black haired beauties, caramel locks and redheads! Honestly, we are embarrassed we ever left home without doing our brows now. And don’t forget to highlight the arch of your brow with the Brow Duality, Camille Sand.

lips hat brightBright lips are a must. Whether it’s a classic red like Lime Crimes Glamour101 or Velevtines Liquid Lip Stain in Suedberry. If  bold and bright isn’t your thing then try the subtle hues of Pink Holiday Lipsticks from NYC, which will still give you your colour pop, without making such a statement.

Finally dewy fresh skin is a must for the warmer months. A shimmer powder is perfect for achieving this look, but to truly achieve this look, a bright and healthy foundation is important, whatever your skin type and challenges – it is about the best version of you.

We all don’t have flawless skin so try prepping your skin with a good exfoliate on a weekly basis is key. Our favourites
natural SK-EX-SI-EC-1OneStep_cropped-500x500product is Simplicite’s One Step Exfoliating Cleanser and for something a little bit stronger the ever famous Derma Doctor Microdermabrasion Chemical Peal is magic. Camila Alves credited Derma Doctor with her flawless skin at the Oscars!

At Lulu and Lipstick HQ we love a serum and a few of our favourites, which just happen to be natural are Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum and the Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Beetox Serum.

SK-SE-TH-RS-1-500x500Hydrating your skin this time of year is also important and you can’t beat UK skin sensation Beetox. Their hydrating mask is absolutely amazing. A Lulu tip, our chief Lulu sleeps in the Beetox mask for extra benefits!

Enjoy spring ladies

Love Lulu


Natural beauty brands that will change your life

Tuesday 07, 2014

Rachel Zoe, Natural Beauty, Tata Harper, Mermaid, Beetox, Lime Crime, Simplicite, Ayurda

At Lulu and Lipstick we love beauty and so do you, this much we know is true. We also admit that we have a rather large soft spot for brands with a natural philosophy and as we are celebrating natural beauty month, we wanted to tell you a little but more about the natural brands we love.

There are two myths about natural brands that we should dispel right here, firstly that natural means less effective and cottage industry and also that natural and organic are the same thing.

Just this week celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has listed Tata Harper as one of her all time fave beauty brands, calling it ‘life changing’. This all natural and certified organic skincare range hails from NYC and not only uses 100% natural and nontoxic ingredients 100% of the time, but they also pack between 9 – 29 active ingredients in every bottle! Most cosmetic formulas contain between 1 and 3 active ingredients. Tata Harper’s mission is to deliver luxury anti-aging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Tata believes people deserve beauty products that deliver the results they want, without putting their health at risk.  Our personal favorite product is the Tata Harper resurfacing maskResurfacing mask, tata harper, natural

UK natural skin sensation Beetox, made from bee venom and Manuka Honey is deliciously hydrating and is the new natural alternative to Botox! With only three products in this exclusive range, a moisturiser, mask and serum, we actually can’t pick which is our favourite, all we know is they are divine. An insiders tip, for extra hydration our Chief Lulu sleeps in the mask!

An Australian brand that we have long admired for their natural principles and the fact that each item is handmade is Simplicite. Natural and organic, naturopath and owner David Lyons used his product for medical skin conditions long before launching this amazing natural brand to the world. Our favorite product is the Damask Rose night cream.

mermaid oilAnd let’s not forget about our hair with natural haircare range Mermaid Perfume shampoo and conditioner. Firstly who doesn’t want gorgeous hair like a mermaid? Secondly who doesn’t want to smell like orange blossoms and coconut? Thirdly it is not tested on animals and made with love and if you needed any other reason to try it, Vogue calls Mermaid haircare the top nine beauty brands flying under the radar that you need to know about.

We all know how much lippie we digest over a life time, so it is good to know that fashion forward LA based makeup brand Lime Crime is also watching out for us with their vegan lipsticks and lip stains that are not tested on animals and are the hottest colours of every season. We have already sold out and restocked their Velvetines which are in the most stunning bright shades and stay on all day long. lime crime, utopia

These are just a few of our beautiful natural products we wanted to share with you and we will be adding to our brands in the coming months. If you haven’t tried one of our natural ranges, now might be the time :)


Love Lulu xx


PS. ALL organic brands are natural, but not all natural brands are organic. Organic brands must meet strict criteria and not be genetically modified.