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Welcome to the beautiful world of Lulu and Lipstick
Monday 01, 2014

fleurWelcome to the beautiful world of Lulu and Lipstick. It all started in 2011 in New York City, when I was living and working in the US and loving all the boutique brands available to me. Only to be disappointed on my return to Australia, that many of my favourite brands would not ship here.

This was when the concept for Lulu and Lipstick was born. We still have your every day faves, but we also carry a range of unique and hard to find brands from around the world, that we hope you will love as much as the team at Lulu and Lipstick HQ do!

We have also developed our Lulu and Lipstick range of beauty accessories with stunning makeup brushes and makeup bags. Our special edition launch lilac powder brush will be gifted to our first 200 customers, as well as their 200 best friends, so make sure you share your bestie’s name with us at checkout for them to also receive our lilac brush.

At Lulu and Lipstick we believe in old school glamour and enhancing what god gave us. We believe it is always better to be overdressed than under. We believe in bright lips, smouldering eyes and rosy cheeks, just not at the same time. We believe in thick dark lashes, even if they aren’t all your own. We believe in big hair and beautiful manicures. We believe in loving deeply and finding a love that ruins your lipstick, not your mascara. We believe nude high heels and Spanx are the very best invention. We believe New York City and Paris are always a good idea.

My personal favourite brands that we are bringing to you are natural skincare range Ayurda, celebrity cult brand for eyebrows, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Derma Doctor skincare which countless Hollywood stars swear by, Velour Lashes which Beyonce and JLo don’t leave the house without and Pink Holiday Lipsticks from NYC that just offer an extensive range of beautiful shades of pinks! But that is just a tip of the iceberg. We currently have 20 unique brands and we will be adding more and more brands to our range over the next few months.

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We know our customers are fabulous and you know it too! You are sophisticated and glamorous, you are informed, on trend and you love quality and our goal is to deliver the products and customer service that our customers will come to expect from us every single time.

I’ve spent the last 14 years of my career building brands for others as the CEO of The Red Republic and Design by Republic. Brand experiences are important to me, as is consistency of brand, brand communities and how we communicate with our customers.

We are so excited to bring you Lulu and Lipstick and we can’t wait for you to be part of Lulu’s world – So please keep visiting us to see our latest products additions.

We are ok on missing out on our beauty sleep, if it means you get your beauty products a little bit sooner.

Fleur xx
AKA (Chief Lulu)

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