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5 minutes with Felicity Potter of Ayurda
Thursday 02, 2014


Natural skincare range Ayurda skincare is one of Lulu’s absolute favourite natural brands. It’s holistic principles, coupled with its’ personalised nature and handmade batches makes this a truly unique product range. An underground swelling of Hollywood stars are cult followers and we know you will be too.

We met with Australian Director Felicity Potter to tell us why Ayurda is so special.

4b9781e0a9e5d02571892a9cee7789a5Q: What makes Ayurda Special?

Ayurda skincare is all natural, smells divine and works in harmony with each person’s unique body intelligence. When absorbed by the skin, it works on the finer energies of our bodies, to have a deep healing, balancing and rejuvenating effect.  It is the traditional Ayurveda philosophy behind the brand makes this range unique.

Each and every blend is hand-crafted in small batches to maintain integrity and freshness. No artificial colours, phthalates, parabens, or synthetic fillers (like fragrance) are ever used, which means NO harsh ingredients that strip the skin. All Ayurda products are 100% natural, cruelty free and using production methods that are environmentally sustainable.

Ayurda Sparkle Eye CreamQ: Who is Ayurda made for?

Ayurda is perfect for anyone who has an interest in health and wellbeing.

Our customers are usually environmentally conscious, they are interested to live a healthy lifestyle and will often practice holistic activities. They take an interest in skincare and value the natural and luxurious products in the Ayurda range.


healthy skin_1Q: Are there any signature ingredients that Ayurda is known for?

Our ingredients are crafted with love and respect for our environment and health. The Ingredients that have been selected for our formulations, not only have specific healing properties, but have shown a lack of harmful after-effects and irritations. The Ayurda Sparkle eye cream is a beautiful moisturiser for the skin around the eyes, with cooling rose and red sandlewood .

Ayurda uses Black sesame oil in many formulations known to some as the“miracle seed” Black Sesame Oil.  It is one of the best natural skin conditioners as it makes skin look and feel youthful, and soft. It also neutralizes oxygen radicals, which are thought to be one of the major causes of aging.  Tumeric, a bright yellow wonder herb is one of the oldest most significant spices known to man. Ayurda formulations use this wonder herb as it is known to bring a glow and increase the skins lustre. With no side effects it can really help to clear pigmentation marks.

SK-CR-AA-SR-1-500x500Q: What is your favourite product?

I love all the products, but at the moment I am loving the Skin Rejuvenator cream. My skin is on the dry side, this time of year I always feel as though I need a little more nourishment. I also never go without using the Eye Sparkle either – what girl doesn’t want a bit of sparkle.



healthy skin_4Q: What celebrities use Ayurda

While Ayurda is Ayurvedas best kept secret , the Eastern philosophy of Ayurveda is influencing women’s approach to beauty and wellbeing across the globe. With known Hollywood followers such as like Naomi Campbell, Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman, Gwenth Paltrow , Jennifer Anniston and Cameron Diaz. Recently Kylie Minogue has also become a big fan! I am sure it won’t be long until the world falls in love with Ayurda skincare.

Thank you Felicity for taking us into the world of Ayurda skin care and sharing some of your favourite products!

Love Lulu xx

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