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Natural beauty brands that will change your life
Tuesday 07, 2014

Rachel Zoe, Natural Beauty, Tata Harper, Mermaid, Beetox, Lime Crime, Simplicite, Ayurda

At Lulu and Lipstick we love beauty and so do you, this much we know is true. We also admit that we have a rather large soft spot for brands with a natural philosophy and as we are celebrating natural beauty month, we wanted to tell you a little but more about the natural brands we love.

There are two myths about natural brands that we should dispel right here, firstly that natural means less effective and cottage industry and also that natural and organic are the same thing.

Just this week celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has listed Tata Harper as one of her all time fave beauty brands, calling it ‘life changing’. This all natural and certified organic skincare range hails from NYC and not only uses 100% natural and nontoxic ingredients 100% of the time, but they also pack between 9 – 29 active ingredients in every bottle! Most cosmetic formulas contain between 1 and 3 active ingredients. Tata Harper’s mission is to deliver luxury anti-aging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Tata believes people deserve beauty products that deliver the results they want, without putting their health at risk.  Our personal favorite product is the Tata Harper resurfacing maskResurfacing mask, tata harper, natural

UK natural skin sensation Beetox, made from bee venom and Manuka Honey is deliciously hydrating and is the new natural alternative to Botox! With only three products in this exclusive range, a moisturiser, mask and serum, we actually can’t pick which is our favourite, all we know is they are divine. An insiders tip, for extra hydration our Chief Lulu sleeps in the mask!

An Australian brand that we have long admired for their natural principles and the fact that each item is handmade is Simplicite. Natural and organic, naturopath and owner David Lyons used his product for medical skin conditions long before launching this amazing natural brand to the world. Our favorite product is the Damask Rose night cream.

mermaid oilAnd let’s not forget about our hair with natural haircare range Mermaid Perfume shampoo and conditioner. Firstly who doesn’t want gorgeous hair like a mermaid? Secondly who doesn’t want to smell like orange blossoms and coconut? Thirdly it is not tested on animals and made with love and if you needed any other reason to try it, Vogue calls Mermaid haircare the top nine beauty brands flying under the radar that you need to know about.

We all know how much lippie we digest over a life time, so it is good to know that fashion forward LA based makeup brand Lime Crime is also watching out for us with their vegan lipsticks and lip stains that are not tested on animals and are the hottest colours of every season. We have already sold out and restocked their Velvetines which are in the most stunning bright shades and stay on all day long. lime crime, utopia

These are just a few of our beautiful natural products we wanted to share with you and we will be adding to our brands in the coming months. If you haven’t tried one of our natural ranges, now might be the time :)


Love Lulu xx


PS. ALL organic brands are natural, but not all natural brands are organic. Organic brands must meet strict criteria and not be genetically modified.

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