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Lulu is in a New York State of Mind!
Tuesday 09, 2014

With international brands always our passion, we were thrilled when we discovered NYC based cosmetics company LAQA&Co. With their bright and beautiful nail polishes, fat lip pencils and lip lubes in unique packaging by artists we fell instantly in love! Here co founder, Nicole Lee, shares what makes LAQA&Co. special. 1. Where did the inspiration for LAQA&Co come from? LAQA&Co was born out of a desire for a colour cosmetics line that was innovative, convenient and consumer driven. We really wanted something consumers could get involved in – everything from the choosing of new colours, to picking product names and of course, designing our packaging! With social media having such a big impact on everything now, customers want to be heard. We are listening and letting fans help every season. 2. What makes LAQA&Co special? LAQA&Co puts out high quality, interesting products that not only make your life a little more colourful, but also introduces you to a new artist that you may not have otherwise gotten to know through our packaging. We try to keep our products clean, they’re cruelty free and offer on trend colours every season.   Product_Page_SB_LAQA_13. Tell us about the packaging. We’ve been really lucky to get to work with some amazing artists! We’ve got a great creative team who scours the world for interesting artists that work well with our vision and aesthetic. For us make up is all about self expression, trying something new and maybe even getting out of your comfort zone. At the most basic level we are trying to inspire customers to be creative by putting someone else’s self expression on the package. 4. What is your personal favourite product and why? At the moment, my favourite is Bossy Boots fat lip pencil because it’s so gorgeous for the holidays. lip5. What is your best seller? The fan favourite is Menatour lip lube. It’s a very surprising colour. A universal purple that anyone can wear. It’s a best seller and a must try. 6. What can we expect to see from L&C in 2015? We’ve got big plans for 2015. We’ll be coming out with a product called “The Cheeky Lip.” Lots more lip lube and nail colours. Possibly some eye…what would you like to see from us? We would seriously love to know!!   Love Lulu xx

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