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5 minutes with Michelle Doherty from Alpha-H
Tuesday 06, 2015

DSC_0196aThis month, Alpha-H is celebrating 15 years of their Liquid Gold skincare range. We caught up with Alpha-H founder and director, Michelle Doherty, to learn more about the skincare range coveted by beauty lovers around the world.

Q. Where did the inspiration for the Alpha-H Liquid Gold range come from?

We wanted to bring salon results into the home. We understand that not every woman has access to beauty salons and skin clinics therefore we wanted to help them achieve fast, effective results at home without the hefty price tag.

We also wanted to create skincare that was completely outside of the box by challenging the way the skin responds when the pH is dropped. By challenging the essence of what is considered ‘normal’ we were able to create our Liquid Gold range.

groupshot_blankQ. Who is Alpha-H made for?

While there are some fabulous skincare ranges on the market today, very few take ownership of solutions for skin problems. These ranges are perfect when you have good skin, but what if there is a problem?

Our philosophy is not to put a band-aid on when there’s a problem, but rather create a solution. An example of this is when people conceal their pores as opposed to lessening the size by treating the elements that are responsible for dilation.

Alpha-H products treat a range of skin concerns including pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne, sun damage and prematurely ageing and hormonally challenged skins.

Q. We know several products in the Liquid Gold Family have been awarded industry accolades for their delivery of real and fast results. What are the key ingredients in Alpha-H?

Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic acid, Vitamins and the latest collagen boosting peptides are the key ingredients in the Liquid Gold family.

The products in the Liquid Gold range are formulated with the understanding of the synergy between glycolic acid percentages and pH.

All Alpha-H products are formulated with less fillers and high percentages of active ingredients.

LiquidGold_100ml (new)Q. At Lulu and Lipstick, we’re welcoming 2015 with our theme ‘sparkle in 2015’. Which product from the Liquid Gold range would you recommend to help us get that coveted holiday glow? 

Liquid Gold – without a doubt. It is the ultimate skincare product for transforming your skin while you sleep. It also increases hydration within the skin so you wake up with plumper fresher looking skin. Clinical studies also show that in just 20 minutes hydration levels are boosted, wrinkle depth is decreased and skin roughness is reduced.

Q.  Which is your favourite product from the Liquid Gold range?

Again, Liquid Gold. It is magic in a bottle, transforming your skin and replacing the need for a serum, exfoliation and moisturiser, making it perfect for your lazy girl nights. The results are instant and lasting. It’s your overnight facial, plain and simple.

Q. How will you sparkle in 2015, personally and professionally?

On a personal level, with the satisfaction of reaching out to many more customers who are looking for an answer to their skin concerns and skin problems.

On a professional level, celebrating the 15th anniversary of our cult skincare product Liquid Gold. We have a big year ahead in 2015, not just for the Alpha-H brand, but for everyone who loves Liquid Gold.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Michelle. We’re excited to welcome Alpha-H as newest member of the Lulu family!

Love Lulu xx

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