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5 minutes with Cara Nigro from Pink Holiday
Tuesday 10, 2015

cara-nigroIt’s no secret that here at Lulu HQ we love lipstick. So much so that we have the word in our name! One of our all-time favourite brands of lipstick is Pink Holiday. Direct from New York City, Pink Holiday is a lipstick line with a shade for every woman. From soft pale to vibrant, high-energy pinks, you are sure to find your perfect match.

This month, we caught up with the founder and owner of Pink Holiday, Cara Nigro to get the low-down on what makes Pink Holiday so special…

Q. Where did the inspiration for Pink Holiday Lipstick come from?

A. I LOVE pink lipstick! There is just no lip colour that is more feminine, captivating, or flattering than pink. I also believe pink lipstick is truly appropriate for any occasion, any lifestyle and any season. Like most women, I was always on the hunt for the perfect shade of pink lipstick, but I found there to be a lack of beautiful, flattering shades in quality formulas, so I decided to create my own!

Q. What sets Pink Holiday apart from other products on the market?

A. I believe there are three things that set Pink Holiday apart from other products on the market:

1. Pink Holiday is a collection of 24 luxury cream lipsticks dedicated exclusively and entirely to the most beloved, adored and obsessed about lipstick colour!

2. The formula: it is cutting edge technology, made by the top Italian cosmetics manufacturer in the world. It is moisturizing, anti-aging, creamy, pigment packed and gives full coverage yet feels very light weight. The colours and formula are true- what you see in the images is exactly what you will see on your lips.  I used to get so disappointed when I would see a really beautiful pink and then try it on and it was so sheer that I could barely see it on my lips… or the reverse would happen, it would be too heavy and mask like or too oily. In an ocean of formulas offered these days, Pink Holiday’s formula is classic, straight forward, and offers the key benefits that women desire.

3.  An understanding of colour: I studied art my whole life and studied abroad at several art schools which enabled me to formulate not only such gorgeous, traffic-stopping and unique pinks, but also truly flattering shades with the correct undertones that look amazing on women of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Pink HolidayQ. At Lulu and Lipstick, we believe you can never have too many lipsticks. However, every girl needs a go-to colour. Which is your favourite lipstick colour from the Pink Holiday range?

A. Hmmm, that’s a difficult one! The beauty of Pink Holiday is that we offer so many shades of pink to suit any occasion, feeling, mood or whim even. We all know that one day you may want a bright, intense pink and it totally works for you, but the next you may feel like a more neutral pink.  I usually just go with my mood, but if I feel undecided for whatever reason, usually will I’ll go for a pink that is not totally bright and not totally neutral – maybe like ‘Rialto Romance’.

MA-LI-PH-LI-forevermydarling_v1Q. One of our favourite things about Pink Holiday Lipstick range is the fun names for each shade. Can you tell us a bit more about how you came up with such a fun range of names?

A. I am always inspired by love, romance and travel, along with a good dose of old school nostalgia!  A time when love, romance, glamour and classic femininity and beauty were celebrated.  I was inspired by iconic women of timeless, classic beauty such as Grace Kelley, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren as well as the classic, simple, beautiful look of the girl next door.

Q.  Which celebrities use Pink Holiday lipsticks? 

A. As far as I know, June Ambrose (celebrity stylist) and Kristen Taekman of the reality program ‘Real Housewives of New York’ use Pink Holiday. I was told that Tory Burch and Jimmy Fallon’s wife have tried it.

Thank you Cara, for taking us into the world of Pink Holiday!

Love Lulu xx


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