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What your pout says about your personality
Friday 06, 2015

Every woman has that one lipstick that never fails to make her feel fabulous, but have you ever wondered what your favourite lip colour says about your personality? We’ve put together a run-down of what your lipstick shade says about you.

MA-LI-PH-LI-forevermydarling_v1Bright pink

You know the one, that bright pink lippie that you rock EVERY Saturday night! You love bright pink lipstick because you’re a go-getter who loves to be center of attention (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). You know you’ll always stand out from the rest with that bold, bright pink!

Try Pink Holiday ‘Palm Beack Junket’.


Pastel pink

That sweet pastel pink that you can’t stop wearing, even in winter. You love having pastel pink lips because you’re that fabulous woman who can hustle harder than Blair Waldorf while looking like a young Jenny Humphrey. No one pulls off the girl next door look quite like you – work it girl!



That ‘my lips, but better’ colour that lives in your purse. You love to rock a nude because you’re quietly confident; you’re into a bit of primping but love to keep things simple. Most of all, you know you don’t need a loud lip colour to get the attention you deserve.

Try Lime Crime Lipstick ‘Coquette’.

flp_palate cleanser-500x500


Girls who love red are generally infamous for their ravishing va-va-voom smiles. You love your red lipstick because you’re the glamour type. Nothing less than a bottle of champagne and a trip to France will impress you. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Go get ‘em girl, you’re fab!

Try LAQA & Co. ‘Palate Cleanser’


We love a perfect purple pout! You love your purple lipsticks because they are a little bit crazy but super stylish. You love to stand out and put your own unique spin on things. Go for it girl, the world needs more of you!

Try Lime Crime Lipstick ‘Airborne Unicorn’.

Whatever your preferred pout colour, make sure you rock it. Have great week ladies!

Love Lulu xx

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