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Five steps to contouring like a Kardashian
Wednesday 05, 2015


When it comes to beauty, there are a few things every girl needs to know ­– how to choose the right foundation; how to achieve the ultimate brow and most recently, how to contour.

So, what is contouring? 

Favoured by the Kardashians, contouring is the latest trend in makeup application used to give shape to the face and enhance the facial structure.

At Lulu and Lipstick, we’ve just received a shipment of the Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Kits, and man oh man do we love them! But in case you haven’t mastered this new technique, we’ve developed a step-by-step rundown that will have you contouring like a pro in no time!

What you’ll need:

Contour Images

Step 1 (foundation): Start by covering your face in a light coat of your normal foundation (but don’t add any concealer or bronzer at this stage).

Step 2 (conceal): Add concealer under your eyes and blend (by dabbing, not wiping) from your nose up to the side of your eyes (almost to your temple) – the Lulu and Lipstick concealer brush is great for this!

Contour Images2Step 3 (contour): Choose whichever of the darker colours from the ABH Contour Kit suits your skintone best, and using a small brush (the Lulu and Lipstick crease shadow brush is perfect for this!), swipe the powder along the hollow of your cheek. Run the line from under your cheek bone up to your hair line and down along your jawline.

Contour Images4

Step 4 (blend): Using the Lulu and Lipstick blush brush, blend the contour lines in to help things look more natural.

Contour Images3Step 5 (highlight): Using the Lulu and Lipstick powder brush, add some highlights to the look with a sweep of one of the lighter ABH contour powders. Brush it along the areas you want to bring forward such as your forehead, cheekbones, cupids bow, tip of nose and chin.

Viola, you’re done! And we bet you look more like a Kardashian than ever before.

Love Lulu xx

Lulu and Lipstick Brush Set guide: 

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