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5 minutes with Gerard Cosmetics founder, Jennifer Gerard
Wednesday 09, 2015


1. Who or what is your biggest beauty influence?
I would have to say that my biggest beauty influences are Vivian Leigh and Judy Garland. My two favorite movies growing up were The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind. I loved their natural beauty and I still do today.gerard-cosmetics-founder

2. What is the inspiration behind Gerard Cosmetics, and how do you make sure the brand continues to evolve?
Our inspiration is our social media audience. They are great about letting us know what they love and what kinds of things they want to see from us.  You have to connect with your supporters and customers and respond to want they want and always strive to give them the highest quality products.

3. What is your number one beauty tip for Lulu customers?
The tip I would give to your customers would be to be comfortable with or without makeup. Makeup always looks the best when it is an enhancement of your inner beauty and self-confidence.

4. Why is it important for make up to empower women?
Makeup empowers women in so many ways.  Feeling confident and beautiful can make a good day a great day and when the day is not so great, feeling beautiful and confident can be a powerful weapon against our occasional struggles!

5. The best part of my job is…
The best part of my job is that I get to play with makeup for a living.  What could possibly be better than that?  What more could a girl ask for?

6. What sets Gerard Cosmetics apart from other beauty brands?
Gerard Cosmetics is different from other brands because we interact with our fans and customers on social media and listen to every suggestion that comes our way.  We respect our customers and we are encouraged to action when they offer us suggestions and great ideas!

7. What are your top 5 Gerard Cosmetics products at the moment?
This changes from week to week but right now I would have to say my top 5 Gerard Products are…

8. What does your daily beauty routine consist of?
Each day I cleanse, tone and moisturize.  I do this routine whether I am wearing makeup or not.

9. What is the best beauty advice you have ever received?
The best beauty advice I have ever been given is to be comfortable in my own skin.  If we don’t feel secure and worthy, no amount of makeup will ever make us feel good about ourselves.

10. I can’t live without….
Can’t live without my adorable and loving puppy , Yogi

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