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How To: Simplicite Skincare Routine
Friday 09, 2015

Searching for a simple skincare routine to take your complexion from drab to fab? Look no further than Simplicite! Its natural plant and mineral based formula delivers healthy skin that glows from the inside out, for an all day radiance that is sure to turn heads.

Join our resident Lulu skin guru Chi for a handy how-to with Simplicite’s lush skincare range.

Daily Skincare

1. CLEANSE – Wet face and apply a small amount of the Plant Gel Cleanser, working in a circular motion from the centre of the face, to the hairline and jaw. Rinse the face with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.CLEANSE2


2. TONE - Spritz the face with Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion and keep eyes closed for 30 seconds. Wait for the toner to dry before moving to the next step.TONE


3. MOISTURISE - Apply the Damask Rose Day Creme in a thin layer to soothe and hydrate tired skin.MOISTURISE2


Mix It Up

Remember to mix it up two to three times a week and swap your daily cleanser for an Exfoliating Cleanser to remove any excess makeup or debris.

EXFOLIATE – Apply a small amount of the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser to moistened skin and massage lightly to release the exfoliating nutrients. Rinse the face with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.EXFOLIATE2


and VOILA!! clean, bright and healthy skin – the perfect way to start the day!



Lulu Xx

P.s. Chi is rocking the Louvelle Shower Turban – Geometric Pink

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