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Love your Lips with Sara Happ
Thursday 15, 2015

Peeling lips aren’t very appealing! Get your lips back on track and romance ready with Sara Happ lip scrubs

IMG_2305_creditSince launching in sunny LA in 2005 Sara Happ has become a must have brand for lip lovers across the world. From lip scrubs to lush glosses and balms, Sara Happs mix of natural and pharmaceutical/cosmetic ingredients’ combine to give you the perfect pout all year round.

Lip scrubs are a favourite at LuluHQ. They remove dead or dry skin to reveal fresh, luscious skin, and work to keep your lips moist, preventing drying and cracking. We find they’re the perfect accompaniment for Matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks that can sometimes leave your lips a bit dry.

Sara Happ scrubs use delicate natural ingredients such as Jojoba and Grape Seed oils, blended with raw sugar crystals, to smoothe away dry, flaky skin, maintaining moisture levels and lip consistency.

They’re available in a range of flavours at Lulu & Lipstick. Check them out here.


Here’s to soft lips and kisses!

Love Lulu

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